Aloha, its nice to meet you!

Aloha, I’m Kevin. I am Product Designer originally from Maui, Hawai'i with 3+ years of experience launching B2B and B2C products. I place a strong emphasis on data and pinpointing the most pertinent problem to solve.

I specialize in a user-centric approach that drives user engagement, revenue growth, and the rapid executions of data- driven experimentations. My abilities allow me to tackle any mind-boggling complexity to create naturally intuitive user experiences before designing a single screen!

I’m a firm believer “that two heads are better than one.” My collaborative spirit allows me to work alongside key-stakeholders to deliver successful projects.

As a native to the Hawaiian islands, I’ve grown to embody the spirit of kokua. Even as I began my design career, I’ve always taken the time to help out my fellow designers that were on the same path as I. Whether it be sharing an insight, tool or providing any kind of help to my fellow designers I would do so with joy. Eventually leading me to mentoring and coaching designers entering the field of UX. Lately I’ve been involved with fostering Hawaii’s upcoming design talent through Lady Bandit’s Circular Design Internship.

“to help”

As a former restaurateur/ hospitalitarian with a background of creating delightful in person experiences, I wanted to challenge myself to create enjoyable digital experiences. My turning point came when I became frustrated with the digital tools of the hotel industry. I often found myself spending more time than necessary to complete the simplest tasks.